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Digital Revolution

Changing the way business is transacted and giving choice in the hands of the user. Welcome to the truly digital economy, where your money is not held hostage by traditional institutions and cumbersome processes. Your investment earns returns for you and is sent directly to your digital wallets, without any approvals and fees. Welcome to the joy of boundary-less financial freedom.

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eStakeX Mission

eStakeX’s Mission, a Company of EBX Group, is to make cryptocurrencies main stream by offering a reliable and secure platform for owning and mining cryptocurrencies. It will revolutionise the way you invest in and use cryptocurrencies of your choice. We aggregate smaller holdings and use combined power of mining to earn Bitcoins for you. eStakeX will invest in selected mining pools to offer annual returns of up to 100%. See your investment continue to grow using the eStakeX mining power we put at your disposal.

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Investment Portfolio

Build up your Cryptocurrencies portfolio and invest in a platform which uses aggregated resources to mine for Bitcoin and share that returns with our clients. Rate of returns are phenomenal as we use state of the art algorithms and efficient mining facilities to generate high yields. 

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Anyone who holds or has an interest in building up his/her cryptocurrencies portfolio and would like to use that portfolio to earn profits.
eStakeX was set up to offer revolutionary mining services and products to all of our valued clients, irrespective of the amount of their investments in cryptocurrencies, and use combined power of mining to earn amazing yields.
If you are new to cryptocurrency, take a minute to look at this video for more information regarding cryptocurrency and how you can benefit from this new digital revolution.

No experience of using a mining operation?

YOU DON’T NEED ANY. We offer revolutionary services and products to clients who want peace of mind, through our state of the art algorithms and mining facilities (under construction in Asia Pacific Region), and looking for impressive returns on their investments. We are offering eStakeX services through our eMiningX services, which will generate returns for you that bitcoin miners will envy. With us, it’s very easy to start. We guide and faciltate you through every step of the way. You have taken the first step by deciding to explore cryptocurrencies, second step is to buy coins of your choice from our Indiegogo campaign and you are all set to build up your cryptocurrencies portfolio.
Still not sure whether it’s for you or have some questions? Than take a look at our FAQs and/or call our helpline so our trained financial analyst can assist you. We are looking forward to assisting you with any questions you might have.


When it comes to your investments and your account information, security is everything. eStakeX is designed by a team of experienced professionals and employs state-of-the-art security features to protect your privacy and information.

PoW/PoS Mining

We use the most effective PoW and PoS mining pools and put them at your disposal. 

Secure Wallet

One wallet for all of your cryptocurrecies and investments. Security and convenience in your hand.


Let our experienced team mine bitcoins for you and add to your pile of coins. 


Your deposits help us in mining pools with bigger stakes and earn more coins.