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5 Secret Ways for Money Making

Now a days, everyone is looking for some shortcuts and hacks to make money in the shortest possible period of time. We often find students and housewives looking for some way outs to earn some money without leaving security of home. Here, in this blog post, I am going to list down the top 5 smart ways for money making, which are not known to everyone. You can start making cash within an hour of getting started.

Blogging and Vlogging:

We see a significantly increasing trend of blogging and video blogging in recent few years. Reason behind this is that the these sites can be monetized and money is earned by the blogger. Anyone with good writing skills can try his or her luck with blogging and video blogging to earn a handsome amount of dollars. Only condition is that it should have some value for the reader. People set up Google’s AdSense with their blogging channel to display relevant ads on their blogs and videos. For blogging, you need to purchase a domain and start publishing articles of user’s interest. It can be any area of interest for you. You can publish news regarding any industry of your choice e.g. Fashion, Health, Entertainment, Politics, Sports etc. For Vlogging, you don’t need to create a separate website, you just need to create a channel on popular video websites like YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo and start posting your video on these sites. Don’t forget to associate your AdSense account with your blog or Vlog.

 Cryptocurrency investment:

Cryptocurrency investment is the fastest way out for money making. Yet it requires some time in identifying which crypto currencies you would like to invest in. It requires no hard work at all, just some research. You can buy recently launched cryptocurrency in early adopter’s stage and wait for the swing.  Just ensure that it is a legitimate site and have a professional team on board. You can find many Initial Coin Offers (ICO) of new cryptocurrency projects where the business owners are looking for early investors and offering great deals. ICO is the right time to take benefit of their project needs and make money. Invest in their initial coin offers and get some stake in that digital currency. Even if you don’t get stake, you will find a multiplying effect in your invested money once the currency is lunched officially and starts increasing in value.

Trading old stuff:

Trading old stuff is another shortcut to save money. You can do your money making by simply purchasing second hand stuff online and selling it on margin. Many websites facilitate users in purchasing old stuff like OLX. You can find the interested buyers in your friends and family circle or you can display the products online for sale. Students can sell their old books online and housewives can sell their old furniture and attire.

Online tuition:

People who can’t get out for their homes for full time jobs and business can sell their knowledge online, on either part time or full time basis. They can find online tuition opportunities and earn good money in an hour or two. You are not bound to teach someone any technical subject. You can initiate classes for physical fitness, sports awareness, ethical hacking, or any other skill you have. You can do all of these activities on online tuition websites like udemy.

Facebook for money making:

These days, almost everyone is aware of this social networking website. But not many people use Facebook to earn money. If you are a Facebook addict, you can turn it to an earning stream for yourself. You don’t need to be professional in Facebook use, all you need to know is how to “like, comment and chat”. There are individual and organization, who pay, on hourly rate basis, for liking or spreading a product online.

These 5 were the easiest ways for money making without leaving the premises if your home. If you have any other good suggestion, you can post it in the comments section below and we will include it in the list.