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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eStakeX?

EStakeX.com is an altcoin/bitcoin mining pool. We use various altcoins, which you mark for investment, to create a single mining pool, the proceeds of which are transferred to your individual electronic wallets after mining. eStakeX aggregates the investments and use that investements to leverage dedicated mining pools to mine bitcoins and other approved altcoins. Your account will show the altcoins you have earmarked for investment purposes and these will not be available for spending during the period of investment, decided by you. Altcoins which are not earmarked for investment purposes will be available in your wallet for any transaction you might want to undertake. As soon as your investment period is over and these are not re-invested by you, the amount will be transferred to available balance in your wallet.

OUR PROCESS: The process of staking an altcoin is identifying an amount which you would like to invest as well as confirming a duration for which you would like to commit your funds. It is like any other investment. These investment funds are aggregated to form a single mining pool for bitcoin and approved altcoins mining. This results in greater mining power as well as optimised use of resources. Bitcoins generated from these operations are than transferred to investors accounts, after deduction of mining costs, in the proportion of their investements. We transfer bitcoins to your wallets so, in addition to your investment in your favourite coin, you also build up a balance of highly coveted bitcoins.
Like regular mining, stake mining is using consolidated mining power to mine for blocks that give rewards. The more blocks we can publish the more rewards in the form of bitcoins we receive. The more funds you allocate for investment purposes the better return you will receive. The difference is that eStakeX.com leverages a larger volume of mining power. This means we use our experienced team to select and use high powered mines and also use latest mining softwares to maximise the output. The result of the combined effort of all the investments allows the eStakeX.com mining pool to receive recurring weekly stakes with the very good reward percentage.

MATURITY PERIOD: You have a choice to pick up investment period starting from a minimum of 01 week upto 03 months. These varying periods offer varied returns but work on the premise that the more amount you invest and the longer the investment duration, the higher the returns allocated to your account. Each mining process has a maturity period, this is the amount of time between the creation of new altcoins. The new bitcoins created are the output of the mining operation. By holding investments of varying maturity periods we can generate a relatively consistent earnings stream each week based on committed mining resources and a dedicated team to oversee these operations.

YOUR DEPOSIT: Your deposit is important. The more funds eStakeX.com has to invest, the more high-end mining power we can purchase and monitor, which increases collective staking power and hence, the ouput. This results in maximised earnings. You will decide how much you would like to invest in the mining process and your returns will vary accordingly. The more you invest, the higher the return on your investment.
In addition, from time to time, eStakeX.com will continue to add more currencies like Ethreum to it’s mining options so you can develop a diversified altcoin portfolio. This will helps make cryptocurrency more mainstream and more accessible. eStakeX supports other coins network as well, as we feel this is a symbiotic relationship. The more cryptocurrencies becomes mainstream the more choices are available to the customers.

HOW DOES THIS BENEFIT ME: By combining altcoin investments into one mining pool, we enable our stake pool to stake more frequently and lower the fixed monthly cost of individual cloud mining services. This results in a better yield for everyone and you get to earn in bitcoins.

You get to GAIN in following ways:

  • Value of the coins of your choice (Goldime, HedgeNickel, Abundeum) will continue to increase
  • Your investment will yield returns in bitcoins and other approved altcoins
  • Your return in bitcoins and altcoins will also continue to increase in it’s value
  • Being an eStakeX customer you will be offered amazing deals and discounts, as we continue to develop our infrastructure and the list of vendors, accepting altcoins as a preferred mode of payment

eStakeX brings you best of cryptocurrency and ensure your risks are minimised, yet your returns are one of the best offered in the market.

REINVESTMENT: You can decide to re-invest your earning in the investment pool. This will further enhance our mining power and consequently  increases your holdings and revenue without committing more funds to your altcoin portfolio.

MAINTENANCE FEES: eStakeX.com does not charge any maintenance or transaction fees. All of your invested amounts and the returns are credited to your account and are available in your wallet.

eSTAKE OPERATING COSTS: To pay our operating costs, eStakeX.com deducts mining costs from the rewards generated from the mining operations and balance amount is transferred to your wallets.

MORE QUESTIONS: Please send us an email or call our analyst to assist you with your questions and help you make an informed decision.

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. Basic concept paper was published in 2008 and was introduced as an open-source software in 2009. It is based on blockchain technology and all of the transactions are coded into the bitcoin blockchain. The payment system does not need an external authority to manage its authentication and management process, hence making it a truly global digital currency. Users can transact directly without needing an intermediary financial institution or bank. Every transaction is coded into the block chain and is available on every system/wallet. Every Transactions is verified by majority of the online databases of the blockchain and consistently updated in all of the blockchain in public domian i.e. connected to internet.
What is Goldime?

Goldime is the gold standard in the digital currency. It is scare, secure and a must have. It’s price is pegged with market price of gold. It comes with a lot of features and security enhancements. It’s value is linked to ten grams of Gold in the International Trading Market. Currently gold prices fluctuates between US$ 389 – US $ 400. Goldime is currently in ICO (Initial Coin Offer) stage and is available on Indigogo campaign site. ICO will close on March 30, 2017 and than it will be available at the current price of 10 gms of gold and market price will be determined by open market dynamics. You can learn more about Goldime and even download you own wallet from: www.goldime.com, which will be available in April 2017.

What is HedgeNickle?

HedgeNickle is an altcoin which has been established as a vehicle for investment in altcoin based hedge funds. It will be used as an investment unit to invest in hedge funds and commodity trading. HedgeNickel is current on an introductory offer of “Buy 02 HedgeNickel and get 01 free”. HedgeNickel’s price is set at US $ 200 per coin and entitles the owner to exclusive hedge fund deals and offers. May 10, 2017 will see its launch in the open market and active trading will start. For more details on HedgeNickle please visit www.hedgenickle.com.

What is Abundeum?

Abundeum is the coin of the future. You will use this coin to make your day -to-day purchases and transactions. It’s nominal value is set at US $0.50 for 1 Abundeum coin. This altcoin will be default currency to pay for online services, fees or goods. It will be available for public trading from April 15, 2017. For more details on Abundeum and to download its wallet, when it becomes available, please visit www.abundeum.com.