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EStakeX.com is an altcoin investement and mining platform. We use various altcoins to procure a single mining pool, to aggregate  mining efforts and cut down overhead costs. Altcoins purchased by you are held in your individual electronic wallets. The number of altcoins transfered to your wallet are the what you have purchased, without deduction of any fees. You, than, decide the amount of altcoins you would like to invest with eStakeX, which eStakeX can hold and mine with. We only invest your deposits after your specific permission. You get to decide how much you want to invest and we will abide by the limits set by you.

Users who are new to cryptocurrency mining process don’t have to fear the complexities involved like selecting algorithms for effectiveness or committing to a dedicated mining capability thus committing to an upfront fixed cost. Existing companies sell users hash rate contracts, which are very complex and may or may not be profitable.

It is time that everyone has a fair and simple access to cryptocurrencies and can share the rewards of investing in, what is termed as, the future of the currency. eStakeX is here to provide you with the tools and ease so you can join this revolution. Our platform is built to offer transparent services to those who practice integrity and intrigued by tremendous success of cryptocurrency, especially bitcoins.

OUR PROCESS: The process of staking an altcoin is opening the electronic wallet, in essence taking it out of cold storage, committing to an amount and a period for which to invest your money. These invested amounts are aggregated and used to procure mining platforms to mine bitcoins and other approved altcoins. Bitcoin mining requires blocks to be published i.e. block of transactions verified and posted to the bitcoin blockchain. Once these block are published, verified and confirmed, it  enables us to collect a reward for this process in the form of new bitcoins. These rewards are then distributed to the participating members of our Staking Pool.

Like regular mining, stake mining has blocks that give rewards, the more blocks you find the more rewards you recieve (the reward being more of that altcoin). The more extensive mining power you commit to the mining process, the better the chance of publishing a block and collecting a reward. The difference is that eStakeX holds a large volume of bitcoin mining power. This means we stake more frequently and we stake with a dedicated high-power hardware and software to mine bitcoins and other approved altcoins. The result is the combined effort of all the participants allowing eStakeX to receive recurring daily stakes with the very good reward percentage. In addition, EStakeX is building mining investments (in Asia Pacific region), which will generate a higher number of bitcoins/altcoins. Some of these bitcoin/altcoins are converted to fiat (currency such as the EURO) and are used to help pay for mining overhead operations and balance is transferred, in the form of bitcoins, to our investors’ accounts/wallets.

You can enjoy the benefits of mining at home by deciding how much mining process you want to commit to, while we take care of the technical matters. We will be consistently monitoring the performance of mining operations so you get the most out of your investments.

Please refer to our FAQ’s and FEE menus for more details. Or, contact us through an email or call our team of financial analysts. Our financial analyst will be available to assist you with whatever questions you might have. With smart investing in mining and coin exchanging,  our customers manage their own rate of profit and returns, like any other investment. Smart investing can translate to big gains. Take your financial matters in your own hand with ease and confidence that eStakeX provides you.

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We are committed to setting up great deals for our customers. Stay tuned as we are in the process of bringing some more exciting cryptocurrency options for our customers within next few weeks.

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